The Wu Shu Studio Founder, Chris Wiedmann

The Wu Shu Studio was founded by Chris Wiedmann in 1979 in Santa Barbara California.  Mr. Wiedmann named the studio "Wu Shu" because it means Martial Arts in Chinese; reflecting his eclectic approach to self defense.  The name also gives the studio a low profile, a tradition with true Chinese martial arts schools. Mr. Wiedmann has incorporated a mental and spiritual discipline, setting itself apart from others schools where this traditional practice of developing the mental and spiritual aspects is largely lost, or simply not taught at all.  

With six Santa Barbara Independent readers’ poll “Best of Santa Barbara” awards, The Wu Shu Studio has maintained an impeccable reputation for quality personalized instruction, and a tournament record unsurpassed in the Santa Barbara area.  

Mr. Wiedmann holds the rank of 8th degree black belt, Associate Master of the Art, in the system of Kenpo Karate, founded by the late Grand Master, Ed Parker.  

His "user friendly" self-defense approach and interest in presenting martial arts to children, has brought martial arts concepts to the Santa Barbara elementary school system.  Mr. Weidmann has presented at Montessori Center, Montecito Union, Roosevelt, Monroe, Monte Vista, and Adams schools.


Private and group classes have been taught out of The Wu Shu Studio as well as Yoga Soup, Birnam Wood Golf Club, Santa Barbara Athletic Club, Cathedral Oaks Club, Montecito YMCA, and Bacara Resort.  

Mr. Wiedmann has developed a new and unique defense and exercise program to augment and accommodate people interested in the aerobic aspects of martial arts called "Defensercise" - which is martial arts choreography set to the rhythm of music.  This form of exercise allows for obtaining the physical benefits of a regular program, with the added bonus of practical self-defense techniques one would not have learned otherwise in average aerobics classes. Instruction for the physically and mentally challenged is also a unique service provided at The Wu Shu Studio.

Mr. Wiedmann's personal tournament titles include:  

  • 1982 Black Belt, First Place, Open Hand, and Weapons Form, Santa Barbara Open.
  • 1983 Black Belt, First Place, Kung Fu Kata Form, Culver City.
  • 1986 Black Belt Senior Fighting division Heavyweight Champion, Santa Barbara Open.
  • 1988 Black Belt Senior Nationals Heavyweight Fighting Champion, Santa Barbara Open.
  • 1989 Black Belt Heavyweight Fighting Champion, and overall Grand Champion, Santa Barbara Open.
  • 1990 Black Belt Heavyweight Fighting Champion, and overall Grand Champion, Santa Barbara Open.
  • 1992 Black Belt Heavyweight Fighting Champion, and overall Grand Champion, Ventura Open.


Mr. Wiedmann's original instructors include; Rick Avery, Steve Morello, Michael Domingez, Howard Lee, Ted Tabura, Eric Lee, and Douglas Wong.   Mr. Wiedmann continues his studies with Master Mohamad Tabatabai.

The Wu Shu Studio has hosted many seminars in its "Masters Series" over its 36 year span, including: Eric Lee, Howard Lee, Allen Lamb, Pauly Zink, Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, Gerald Okamura, Jeff Speakman, and Ted tabura, "The Sicle Man."


Interested in taking classes or visiting the studio to learn more about our program? Call us at (805) 965-5316 or visit our contact page to send us an email.