Interested in taking Kenpo classes or visiting the studio to learn more about our program? Call us at (805) 965-5316 or visit our contact page to send us an email.

The system taught is Kenpo (the law of the fist). Kenpo is a mixture of Hung Gar Kung Fu, Chinese Boxing, and Ju Jitsu. Kenpo is noted for its fast hand techniques and has every kick that other systems have. This makes Kenpo extremely versatile and practical for self-defense, addressing all fighting distances.

Kenpo is technique intensive, there are many requirements for each belt. When you earn the rank, you know you deserve it. At The Wu Shu Studio, our martial arts classes have incorporated the mental and spiritual discipline for a well-rounded practice.


  • A special martial arts class introduction is available consisting of four half hour private lessons.
  • Kenpo and other martial arts class lessons are scheduled in coordination with Sifu Chris' availability and your own schedule.
  • Private martial arts class lessons can be scheduled once or twice a week.

Try to give 24-hour notice for cancellation or rescheduling. Making up lessons is no problem as long as it is communicated. If you miss a class without a call you are charged the regular rate and forfeit that lesson. We are closed for all major holidays.


Group classes are Tuesday through Thursday, from 6pm to 7pm.