Thank you Chris, for all you've done for Paul.  This green belt test is one of the great events in my life, as well as Paul's.  When you said to me that I will be surprised at how much Paul attains at the Wu Shu Studio -- really, how much you are going to give him -- as the years go on, I could not comprehend what you meant, but I am seeing it now.  Paul has changed as an individual in a way that nothing but your guidance could have brought about. Again, I am immensely grateful. I look forward to many more years of being a part of Wu Shu with Paul. Your life's work is really something to celebrate and so I recommend that you have a yearly anniversary party.  I can help set it up, if you wish. -- Greg Sinicrope


Hello sweet friend,

Your continued support and training and advice you so graciously extend to Tom is so appreciated by both Tom and me. You have been an amazing, powerful, and exemplary role model for Tom through all these years and again, how fortunate and grateful we are!  

I wish only the best for you, Chris, daily and into the future.  You are such an outstanding individual in so many ways. Stay strong sweet one.  

Thank you again; your patience was such a help for me!

All the best,

Paula Hess

Hi Sifu,

Part of the reason that the Wu Shu Studio apparel is so important to me is because I wore the Studio's white shirt that you GAVE me in 1999 on EVERY mission in Iraq.  It was my lucky charm and the envy of most of the guys in my company. Everyone loved the logo and wanted one. I told them that my Sifu didn't give them out, you had to EARN them.

You see, after I graduated from UCSB and after 9/11, I wanted to do my part to help our country.  Remember how patriotic everyone was after 9/11? So, I entered the Army, became an officer, went through Ranger School, and ended up being a 1st Lieutenant with the 7th Ranger Regiment out of Fort Benning, GA.  I'm discharged now due to medical reasons. Currently, I do private investments.

I still have the shirt from 1999 and it looks like a rag!  It also bears two holes in the chest where two Ak-47 slugs penetrated my kevlar vest.  It was only a flesh wound, but I believe the shirt kept me safe and alive. So, I kept wearing it.   

Not to get all mushy here, but before each mission I would remember my time at The Wu Shu Studio and how you taught me.  I would like to think that I treated my men the same way you treated me... with patience when they worked hard, and with sternness when it was time to get the job done.

I learned more from you and your teaching style than any drill sargent/commanding officer I ever had.  What I learned from you gave me a head start on hand-to-hand combat, plus it kept me calm under fire, and any time we went into a room with close quarters.  Believe me, Kenpo came in VERY handy in a room where I couldn't shoot, but had to dispatch someone quickly with extreme prejudice.

Anyhow, I thought you might want to know what impact your teachings have had on me.  your studio is one of Santa Barbara's best kept secrets for its students, but I have always wished that everyone could take part in what you have to offer.  It has been my experience that you are a truly wonderful human being. The dedication that you bring to your students does justice to the discipline you are teaching as well as the masters you have followed.  You are a man or unsurpassed integrity and honor. Every day I spent at your studio and under your tutelage, I was blessed. My life has been better that I have been a part of The Wu Shu Studio and a student of Chris Wiedmann's.

As far as me writing you what influence you have had on my life, I'm simply returning the gift you gave me (patience, empathy, kind words, and strength) when I needed it most.  You've been a huge inspiration in my life, therefore, it's only fair for me to tell you as often as I can, that you mean something more than you know to your students. You give them discipline, courage, honor, self-respect, and a place to feel safe.  You need to be reminded of that often because you can't hear it enough.

Be well...

Jason Howard